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Faux Flame Medium


Faux Flame Large



Amor Flameless




Instructions. Since SPA Candles are truly unique candles, please read the following in order to better enjoy your product.

  1. Remove all packaging prior to lighting candle.
  2. Place candle on a flat, heat resistant surface away from walls.
  3. Straighten wick for first time use and trim wick to 1/2" prior to every use.
  4. Light the candle. (Allow up to 15 seconds for the color changes to take effect).
  5. To stop color changing feature, carefully extinguish the flame (allow up to 15 seconds for the color changing effect to stop).
  6. When finished, allow candle to cool before moving it.
  7. For best burning do not burn candle for more than 4 hours each time.
  8. Keep candle away from direct spot lights/sun light.
  9. As with any candle product you should never leave a burning candle unattended.








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