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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do all your candles have the color changing therapy effect/experience?

A: Yes. SPA Candles specializes in quality color therapy candles/color changing candles that bring ultimate relaxation and ambiance.  All our regular candles have the color changing experience technology included with the candle.  Even our flameless candles (Candlette) have the color changing feature like all SPA Candles. 

Q. How does it work?

A: There is an embedded micro LED light at the base of the candle.  The micro light diode senses light which causes the color changing effect to commence as soon as you light the candle.  Conversely, blow out the candle and the color change will stop. 

Q. Do I need to keep the candle in a dark place when not in use?

A: No it is not necessary with SPA Candles.  However we do not recommend leaving candle under a strong spot light as the strong spot light, or direct sun light, might activate the color changing feature and deplete the small battery that powers the LED.  

Q. The color light show on my candle is flickering on and off. What should I do?

A: Make sure the candle is not in a draft. Blow out the flame and carefully pour out the liquid wax into a temperature safe container for disposal.   Inspect the wick, if it is over 1/2" long and curling to one side, then trim the wick to 1/2".  Relight and enjoy.

Q. The LED color light show on my candle does not start. What do I do?

A: On occasion you might need to allow 5- 10 minutes before the light show starts, although this is not usual.If light show has not started after 10 minutes, please pour off some wax to increase the size of flame.

Q. How long does the color therapy/color change effect last?

A: The color changing effect lasts about 40-50 hours although the light will become less luminous as the candle burns down. 

Q. How do I dispose of the candle?

A: Since the L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) that creates the color therapy effect is battery operated it should not be incinerated. Please think of the environment and dispose of the candle as you would other products that contain batteries.







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