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Faux Flame Medium


Faux Flame Large



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SPA Flameless Candles & Faux Flame Candles



It looks like a candle, feels like a candle, gives the ambiance of a flickering candle, but has no flame.

Our flameless and Faux Flame candles are battery powered wax candles made from real wax but the candles have no wick and do not burn like regular candles.  New L.E.D. technology creates the appearance of a warmly glowing candle. Our patented (pending) Faux Flame candles are so realistic you'll have to look twice to realize there is no flame, therefore no potential hazard of fire. 

  • No flame = Kids & pets friendly
  • Reusable again and again
  • Environment friendly
  • All our flameless candles have the color changing effect  for advanced relaxation.


SPA Pillars 

SPA Pillars & Candles is the distinctive range of color therapy candles, of which some are packaged in colorful packaging.   Our advanced relaxation candles makes for a wonderful & unique gift or just as special treat for yourself.

  • Distinctive gift packaging on selected styles.
  • beautiful textured waxes. 
  • A variety of colors, shapes and styles.
  • A choice of scented or unscented.
  • All candles have the color changing effect for advanced relaxation and ambiance.


SPA Jars


SPA Jars is created for those who like their candles in stylish glass containers.  The advanced relaxation candle jars come in both standard glass jar or eleganant frosted glass jar.  The color thereapy jars come both unscented or infused with scents, ranging from relaxing lavender to invigorating apple scent. 

  • Contemporary packaging.
  • Polished steel decor hook on packaging for easy opening.
  • All our jar candles have the color changing effect for advanced relaxation and ambiance.




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